Factory Value for Production

Tire’den gelen lezzet Ener, doğallığı ve tazeliğiyle sizlere geliyor!


In 2019, a dairy factory investment with a milk processing capacity of 200 tons/day in a total indoor area of 7,000 m² was commissioned in the Izmir-Tire Organized Industrial Zone in order to produce milk and dairy products.

The facility has become a fully vertically integrated structure through sale of milk, cheese selections, butter, yogurt, etc. to domestic and international markets by means of the self-owned marketing organization.

In the factory where production is carried out using the state-of-the-art technologies, the milk is processed untouched, and the hygiene of the environment and employees is kept at the maximum level with the measures taken during the production process.

Produced without compromising on health, naturalness and quality, the products of Ener pass through all health controls and arrive at the cold stores with special vehicles preventing the violation of the cold chain and consequently reach exclusive hotels, restaurants and market shelves with the same care and meticulousness.

Ener in Numbers

  • The Farm
    The Farm
  • The Factory
    The Factory
  • The Solar Power Plant
    The Solar Power Plant